Blackberry releases first update for Blackberry 10

by Andrew Roach on March 4, 2013

Blackberry 10 has been around for a month now and it’s fair to say that Blackberry’s newest system has helped steady the ship for the Waterloo based company.

The Z10 has enjoyed moderately strong sales globally since it was released back at the start of the February and now Blackberry has backed up their initial release with the first update to the service.

The update is focused around improving the performance of the software and apps on the system which has suffered some lag and loading issues over the past few weeks.

Today’s release marks what will be the first of a series of updates for the Blackberry 10 system over the coming months as bugs and features are introduced and fixed as the platform develops throughout the year.

One of the main problems that has plagued the new system since its launch has been the performance of software and apps which are often slow loading and may stop working at any random moment.

To overcome this problem, the new update looks to give developers more options to increase an app’s performance which should help many programmes run faster in the future.

Furthermore, Blackberry has had several problems supporting Google’s apps such as GMail and Google Drive. So, the update has supposedly addressed the issues surrounding the apps and allows users to access their Google accounts without any compatibility issues.

It hasn’t just been external software that has suffered performance issues with Blackberry’s own web browser struggling to handle videos that are loaded online. This has meant that the update has needed to tweak the browser to make it comfortable handling different types of media such as video and audio.

Moving away from software issues, Blackberry has also moved to overcome some slight hardware problems that has hampered the Z10 since its release in February. The camera was the first area to receive a boost as Blackberry has enabled the lens to react better to light helping the camera take pictures in low-light conditions.

On top of that, there have been over 60 changes made to how the battery performs during heavy usage to help a phone have a longer overall lifespan.

To receive the update, Blackberry users will need to go into the settings section of their phone and scan for the fix which is around 150MB.

As the update is rolled out to all new Blackberry phones, the move will help the company iron out any issues within their new system before the release of the Q10 in a week or two.

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