Canada not the world’s biggest internet addicts after all

by Andrew Roach on March 5, 2013

In the past, Canadians have been found to enjoy the Internet so much that they actually spent more time on the web than anyone else in the world.

However, it seems that the love affair with the internet could be over with Canada no longer being the world’s heaviest internet users.

A new report has found that Canada has fallen down to 2nd in the rankings with neighbours in the US now occupying the global top spot.

The internet now plays a major role in many Canadians daily life with over 25.5 million people using the web regularly every single day.

ComScore’s report found that many people who lived in Canada spent 41.3 hours per month during the last part of 2012.

Whilst this is higher than many other countries in the world, it still places Canada behind the US with Americans surfing the web for 43 hours a month last year.

On top of that, the report suggest that many people are starting to spend less time on the Internet as the latest figures for 2012 are 2 or 3 hours lower than both 2011 and 2010.

The report also showed that Canadians are not the biggest online video viewers either in the world with the UK now claiming the number one spot.

Despite the slight drop in overall usage, ComScore found that many digital facilities and service continued to be popular with the general public.

For instance, the amount of people using online banking had risen to 16 million people using the feature on a regular basic. This is up by around 4% to those who used the service back in 2011.

Online retailers were also found to benefit highly from the high internet usage with retailers such as Amazon, Best Buy and Apple ranking as some of the most visited sites for the whole of 2012.

With smartphones and tablets popularity surging, it has meant that many people are more tempted to use the Internet especially whilst on the go.

After all, over 22 million smartphones are owned across the country with nearly 58% of all smartphone owners using their device to check their Facebook or other social networks.

Even though Canada losing the top spot may suggest that the Internet is losing its appeal, the country still spends a lot of time on the web meaning that the love affair is set to continue for some time to come.

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