Social network shopping just hasn’t caught on

by Andrew Roach on March 6, 2013

As our lives have embraced the digital revolution, it has meant that we use the internet and apps for pretty much anything and everything.

However, it seems that we still like to keep hold to some of the more traditional aspects of our lives with a new report showing that traditional shopping is still more popular than browsing through the shops on social networks.

In PwC’s Global Retail Survey for 2012, only 7% of all Canadians decided that they would use social networks to do all their shopping.

This reflects a remarkable pattern in the survey which suggested that online shopping in general isn’t a major fad in Canada as a trip down to the mall won against all its modern competitors.

Whilst many countries across the world have embraced the digital revolution, Canada is still lagging someway behind as many people would rather make purchases physically than go online to finish all their shopping.

In the findings, only 7% of Canadians chose to use digital sites or social networks to complete their shopping which is severely behind the rest of the world where around 12% of the world’s population use social networks to do their shopping.

The snub doesn’t stop there though as over a quarter of Canadians said that they rarely use online shopping which means that the nation is only behind Russia for the lowest use of online shopping.

In fact, the online promotions has actually boosted physical sales with many web marketing promotions actually driving people to make physical purchases rather than complete transactions online.

However, despite the strength of Canada’s physical retail market, it hasn’t helped many of Canada’s retail firms make an impact on the international scene.

The survey showed that despite a strong market, only 3 Canadian stores managed to make it into the top 10 multi-channels brand in North America.

Indigo Books and Music, Canadian Tire and The Bay managed to rank within the list and maintain a strong presence both in physical and online sales.

The fact that the retail industry is stronger in malls than online is a trend that goes against the world and it shows that we still value some f the more classic aspects in our lives.

However, with the digital revolution taking over so many aspects of our lives, it may just be a matter of time before the Internet overtakes the malls to become the most popular way to buy all our shopping.

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