Samsung Galaxy S4 comes to Canada

by Andrew Roach on March 15, 2013

It has been the most anticipated phone of the year so far and now Samsung has unveiled the next step in their Galaxy franchise – the S4.

The S4 looks to carry on the combination that has helped the series take the battle to Apple and the iPhone as the S4 still has the Android operating system and touch-screen display that has made the phone series so successful.

Many of the commercial providers have already announced that will be providing the phone to their customers with a general release date slated for the end of April.

The release of the new S4 comes only 10 months since the company launched the last version of their Galaxy smartphones – the S3.

At the launch of the Galaxy S4, there have been several changes to the smartphone which is set to highlight the S4 as the leading Android smartphone.

For starters, the S4 has the largest screen ever to be seen in the Galaxy franchise as the phone has a 5-inch display that is able to play video in 1080p HD quality.

On top of that, Samsung’s newest device becomes the first smartphone to feature eye-tracking technology which means that if someone stops looking at the screen, the phone will pause or stop any videos or music playing on the screen.

With the inclusion of many of the new technologies, it has meant that many providers have announced they would be selling the phone with Rogers, Bell and Telus all announcing that they will support the phone.

None of the carriers have unveiled their prices or plans just yet but many will become available when the phone launches here at the end of April.

Even though there are many new features, the S4 has fine-tuned many of the features that appeared on the S3. For example, the 8MP rear camera has been boosted to 13MP whilst the front camera is now capable of taking pictures at 2MP.

Furthermore, the S-Voice feature has also been tweaked to refine the service and carry out commands easily such as making calls and sending text messages.

A side service has also been added in which the phone can translate phrases form certain languages including French which may be handy to have on anyone who is venturing into Quebec on a business trip.

Samsung has truly loaded the S4 with as much tech as they possibly can so don’t be surprised to see the smartphone become the best-selling device in the country when it launches at the end of April.

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