NovoMap helps us get round any large building

by Andrew Roach on March 18, 2013

Whilst apps such as Google Maps can help us find our way to any address in the world, there still isn’t anything that helps us when inside large buildings.

However, this could all be set to change with the launch of the NovoMao app which lets someone find their way through large indoor spaces.

The app is the brainchild of Toronto based Jibestream Interactive Media who have previously designed map directories for places such as airports and shopping malls.

Indoor map apps are fast becoming a popular new trend in the electronic world with major programmes such as Google Maps also looking to trial indoor maps.

NovoMap has been in development over the past 6 months and looks to provide users with a map of the local building that they are in.

The app is mainly designed to help people find their way through many of the major public places that we visit everyday such as shopping malls, train stations, government buildings and airports.

It means that someone would be able to find a certain shop or amenities within a building without having to wander aimlessly down corridors and different floors.

So far, Jibestream’s latest invention has been trialled at Pearson International Airport in Toronto where the software has been able to help passengers locate their gate for a flight and find certain facilities in the departure lounge.

Whilst certain businesses will initially appear on the app, it’s not aimed to be an advertising tool but more of a guide to the local area for visitors. This sentiment was echoed by NovoMap’s co-founder Chris Wiegand who told The Globe and Mail that “we’re really focused on creating efficiencies and integrating with work flow.”

After positive feedback from users during its trial, Jibestream’s new system is set to be introduced to several major places of public interest including hospitals partnered with the Veterans Association in Toronto.

Whilst NovoMap is the latest first contextual “wayfinding” app, similar programmes are also growing in popularity across Canada. A similar app called WiFarer has had success in Vancouver where the Royal British Columbia Museum has used the system to guide people round the venue.

With NovoMap now helping people find their way throughout Toronto’s major public venues, it will surely be just a matter of time before wayfinding apps help us get round every major place in town.

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