Could the keyboard’s successor be just around the corner?

by Andrew Roach on March 19, 2013

Keyboards have been forgotten in recent years as touch-screen technology has taken over and rendered the physical typing device almost obsolete.

However, the device could be set to be given a lifeline in the form of a new digital keyboard called Minuum that throws away the traditional look and feel of the QWERTY style keyboard.

The project is the brainchild of Toronto based developers Whirlscape who are looking to integrate the technology into a whole host of multiple devices.

With touch-screen devices now dominating the market, virtual keyboards are a common feature on devices however the traditional set-up has remained and caused frustration for users who have had difficulty using these on a daily basis.

The idea behind Minuum is to simplify typing on a touch device to try and overcome any spelling errors caused by accidentally pressing the wrong letter.

To do this, Whirlscape have abandoned the classic QWERTY set-up in favour of a simple one row appearance that features letters on top and numbers and symbols below.

This way, it means that there is more room to select the necessary letter accurately and look at a message to see if there are any errors in a message.

When a letter is selected, it is also magnified which is a helpful tool to show what was selected alongside helping visually-impaired users to see what they are doing.

Of course, no system is foolproof and we are likely to make typing errors every now and again although Whirlscape has included an auto-correct feature to try and reduce spelling mistakes even further.

The Minuum row can also be moved around the screen allowing for users to place the keyboard in a necessary position so that someone can get a way to view a message as its being typed.

To try and get the new style of keyboard introduced onto many of the major mobile devices, Whirlscape has launched a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo to spread the word about the product.

Whilst the classic design of keyboards still helps us write a message, new designs such as the Minuum concept are offering easier ways to write accurately and help a traditional device adapt to the digital world.

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