How social media will play a pivotal role in the next Canadian election

by Andrew Roach on March 20, 2013

Social media has embedded itself deeply within our daily lives with almost every digital device having a link to the phenomenon in some shape or form.

Even the government have been bitten by the bug and the use of Twitter, Facebook and other sites could play a key role in strategies for the next election.

In fact, the Finance Department are about to use these tactics to help deliver the federal budget later on this week.

It’s hoped that by using these sites to post news about the address will help broadcast the message out to a wider audience.

Many people will look to Thursday’s trials as a way to see what effect social media will have on the public to see how it might be used in future events.

The government has planned several different strategies to try and promote the Federal Budget as much as possible. For starters, Finance Minister Jim Flaherty will post tweets throughout the day to give the public an insight to what he has to do on one of the most hectic days of the year.

On top of that, the department will also stream the entire address online to allow people at work or on the go to view the event on their tablets or smartphones.

There will also be links posted on the government Twitter page linking browsers to key documents that outline and explain the new plans that are announced in the address.

With social media being used in a greater capacity by the government, guidelines have been tweaked to give politicians an idea of what is acceptable to say when using social media.

Even the Prime Minister has updated his personal Twitter in an effort to get followers supporting him online as a new way to reach out to the public.

The efforts made by the Canadian government aren’t too dissimilar to what was seen by both parties in last year’s US election who managed to make their campaigns more visible to the general audience by embracing social media.

Whilst we won’t see the full effects of the plans made by the Finance Department for some time, the idea to embrace social media is critical for success as digital technology becomes an integral part of everyday life.

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