Music service on right wavelength with Blackberry

by Andrew Roach on March 25, 2013

Blackberry has longed been involved with the music industry with events such as Blackberry Jam giving new talent the chance to showcase some of their best songs.

So, now the mobile phone developer has looked to continue this trend by teaming up with independent music network Zimbalam to launch a new service for Blackberry 10.

The service will allow users to access content that has been uploaded by new artists who are looking to get that big breakthrough into the music industry.

It will mark the first time that the European music network has worked with Blackberry whose directory will now be accessed by anyone through Blackberry World.

The culmination of the new partnership will allow music fans to follow the best talents from their area and listen to their music whilst on the go.

With over 80,000 artists included on the Zimbalam network, there will be artists from every possible music genre including rock, metal, rap and dance.

Blackberry’s new service is also designed to try and give further exposure to musicians and bands that could be the next big thing. Aside from listing their songs on the network, Zimbalam will also look to directly promote 20 new artists each month through the service.

As songs can be purchased directly through the network, it also gives artists the chance to financially support themselves as 90% of the royalties goes straight to the artist.

Once launched, the service will allow artists to also choose the regions in which they want to sell their music which could allow for now audiences to grow across the world.

The developers are hoping that the new partnership could give independent artists the chance to get a better chance of hitting the big-time thanks to the possible global exposure of music. This feeling was emphasised by Zimbalam CEO Denis Ladegaillerie who said that “Zimbalam exists in order to allow unsigned artists to get their music on to digital music stores and to find their audience. We are excited to be working with BlackBerry as it will give artists access to a different fan base and help with the discovery of their music.”

Whilst it may not be as well known as Spotify or Pandora, Zimbalam’s partnership with Blackberry could well mean that our smartphones may be the key to finding the next big sensation in the music world.

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