Has the new system saved Blackberry?

by Andrew Roach on March 26, 2013

At the start of the year, many people were talking about whether Blackberry 10 could save the company from the brink of disaster and catapult them back into the limelight.

It won’t be too long before we get a glimpse into the figures as Blackberry get ready to release their Q1 results on Thursday.

The result will show how well both domestically and internationally with the system also being released across Europe as well as Canada.

But with a slow first couple of days in the US, has the new range of phones helped Blackberry turn their fortunes around?

Many people had cautious optimism following the launch of the Blackberry 10 system back on the 30th of January with a new and refreshed approach impressing critics and the public.

Since then, the Z10 smartphone has been available to the public in both Canada and Europe with positive signs emerging so far.

This was underlined by the fact that the first day of the Z10 hitting the shops was the best performance by any Blackberry device on its first day of sales.

The new smartphone has continued to perform well since then and it has even outperformed Android and Apple devices in the past 2 months.

It has been a similar story over in Europe where the Z10 has seen steady success since it came on in the scene in mid-February.

Even though it hasn’t been quite as successful as the phone has in its homeland, the reports suggest that the Waterloo based manufacturer could be on the right tracks.

But, some of the optimism has been overshadowed by a rather slow debut into the US market after it launched earlier this week.

The Z10 has struggled to make an impact with many in the US preferring to choose one of the various Android smartphones that has launched in recent weeks.

After a slow start, Blackberry has seen their value drop on stock markets for two straight days which could potentially undermine the company’s attempts to gain long term stability.

On top of that, so far only AT & T and Verizon are currently selling the Z10 in the US could hinder Blackberry’s chances of regaining their popularity in one of the world’s largest mobile markets.

Despite the sluggish start in the US, Blackberry has improved from where they were this time 12 months ago and Thursday will give us a true indication of where Blackberry will be heading for the rest of the year.

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