New start up looks to take advantage of data calls

by Andrew Roach on April 2, 2013

Whilst we have traditionally relied on SMS and phone calls to communicate with our friends, making these connections through the internet has spawned a digital revolution of sorts.

This has given companies a fresh opportunity to capitalise on and Waterloo based firm Fongo is looking to lead the charge.

Fongo allows users to make calls and send messages for free through data and the company are now looking to introduce their own specific data plans.

The telecom firm recently hit the front pages following an offer to buy struggling carrier Wind Mobile who were put up for sale last week.

Whilst enjoying most of their success so far through their own data app, Fongo have now started to show that they are looking to expand far beyond their current line-up.

So, it’s with this experience and success that the Waterloo firm is now looking to go one step further by introducing specific data plans for a minimum of $15 a month.

It means that the data only plan would mean that someone could get a plan on Fongo’s network and make all the necessary calls but without having to pay for texts or phone calls.

This would then provide customers with the option to choose between staying on traditional plans offered by carriers such as Bell or Rogers or look to data only plans offered by the likes of Fongo.

It’s the possibility of producing a cheaper alternative to these means which the company hopes will see the changing of the guard in the mobile industry. This was reflected on by their president Dave Bullock who told CBC that “We’ve spent a lot of time surveying our customers on this and sharpening our pencils to see how lean we could go. We haven’t announced details of any plans yet, but I think it’s safe to expect it will be possible to achieve a mobile bill below $15 all-in with Fongo.”

With many apps such as WhatsApp and Viber becoming some of the best-selling apps on both Google Play and The App Store, it seems that Fongo’s ideas to launch a data only plan could become a surprise hit with mobile customers.

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