Is it time to cut the cable?

by Andrew Roach on April 3, 2013

Communication companies have provided us with the easiest way to view all our favourite television shows since cable was first launched many years ago.

However, it seems that this ethos could be changing as a new study has revealed that we are much more likely just to record our favourite shows rather than watch them as they air.

In fact, personal video recorders were even more popular than online streaming services such as Netflix who have dominated the online streaming market since it launched.

It’s reckoned that high prices from communication companies and the busier schedule in our lives are the primary reasons for recording shows.

Personal video recorders have come a long way since the likes of TiVo were first launched nearly a decade ago.

Now, they are found in almost every household with 4.7 million Canadians now owning a PVR and using it on a regular basis.

The figures, recorded by Toronto based Convergence Consulting Group, show a considerable jump from 3.5 million who used this type of device back in 2011.

It’s believed that the popularity of personal video recorders is because it gives the viewer much greater control of what they watch and when they can watch it. This feeling was emphasised by Convergence Principal Brahm Eiley who told the Vancouver Sun that “it weds you to your television and it weds you to a style of watching that is very, very amenable to the lifestyle that we are living today.”

As the popularity of recorders has risen, it has also had a detrimental effect on those who are subscribing to regular cable TV services.

Over last year, the survey found that only 52,000 new customers actively subscribed to cable TV subscriptions which marked a substantial drop from 350,000 which were recorded back in 2011.

In addition to that, 2% of all current subscribers actually got rid of their cable service and solely relied on other platforms such as Netflix or PVR’s to watch or view their favourite shows.

This was mainly because subscribers felt that prices offered from the likes of Rogers, Bell and Telus had become too expensive and that online streaming and personal video recorders offered more choice and better value for money.

Whilst the major communication providers have brought their prices down to more reasonable levels, it seems as if the move could have been made too late as the public look to systems such as personal video recorders to help them watch shows when it suits them rather than just when they air.

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