Kik reaches 50 million users on chat app

by Andrew Roach on April 12, 2013

Since the demise of MSN Messenger, the opportunity has arisen for new programmes and apps to take their place in the mobile world and captivate their audience.

Well, Waterloo-based developers Kik Interactive has done just that as their messaging app Kik Messenger has just registered 50 million users on mobile devices.

Unlike other apps that are designed to work on a specific system, Kik is able to work across multiple servers meaning that it can appeal to a much wider audience.

Kik are now hoping to use this as a stepping stone and introduce different forms of content with conversations to compete against rival services such as WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger.

50 million users is an impressive feat for any app developer but Kik have managed to achieve the accomplishment in one of the most competitive genres around.

The service was only first developed 3 years ago to be a direct competitor to BBM which is run by fellow Waterloo firm and fierce rival Blackberry.

In fact, Kik’s fame has catapulted in the past year as the user base has risen by 40 million over the last 12 month.
Much of their success has been put down to their success within North America where half their usership is based.

At the moment, the service is currently seeing 200,000 new members signing up every day especially as users can link the app to other popular apps such as Instagram.

This feeling was emphasised further by Kik’s founder and CEO Ted Livingston who has reflected on the versatility of their messenger app. In an interview with the Financial Post, he said that Kik Messenger works with “pretty much any mobile app where there’s a public, social component.”

To celebrate the launch, the developers are now looking to add a new feature known as Kik Cards which are web apps that can be used in a conversation between two individuals.

So far, several major services have been lined up to feature as a card including YouTube and Reddit. Users will have to pay for the cards though as the firm looks to try and find a way to profit from a service that is otherwise free.

Even though the celebratory features may be a pay feature, the 50 million user mark is a big landmark and shows that Kik is now not just one of the leading chat apps in the world but one of the most popular apps in the entire world.

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