Facebook makes itself at home on Canadian phones

by Andrew Roach on April 17, 2013

It’s been just over 2 weeks since Facebook launched their Home service for Android phones as a substitute for the standard interface found on smartphones.

Well, the service is about to make its Canadian debut as the social network allows users to download the program onto devices through Google Play.

Originally being included on just the HTC First, the program has now been extended on to many of the Android’s leading smartphones such as the Samsung Galaxy S3 and HTC One X.

Facebook has long used Canada as one of the first places to get some of their new services to users having past launched services such as Facebook Messenger’s web phone calls.

When opening a phone with Facebook Home on the main screen, the screen is laden with apps and links to programs associated with the social network.

For example, there are several hotlinks which can mean that someone can access key parts of the service such as their profile and Facebook Messenger through just one click.

On top of that, users will also be able to view notifications without opening any apps as they appear automatically on the lock screen.

The launch of Home will quell rumours that Facebook were planning to develop their own smartphone as Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg stated during the system’s launch. During the presentation he said that “When downloaded to select smartphones running Google Inc.’s Android software, Home is designed to place Facebook services at the centre of the user’s mobile experience, essentially turning the device into a Facebook phone.”

So far, the system has been met with praise for how it links all of Facebook’s services into one place however some people have voiced their concerns about a supposed lack of privacy on the system.

At the moment, Facebook has only developed Home for Android devices but the social network has come out saying that they are talking with Apple about ways to bring Home to iOS devices.

Home will certainly help Facebook increase their presence on mobile devices and it will more than likely fuel our addiction to the service even more than what it is now.

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