Canadians becoming addicted to their screens

by Andrew Roach on April 26, 2013

As smartphones and tablets intertwine themselves into our daily lives, it means that we are spending more times looking at screen every day.

But new surveys have proven that Canadians are becoming glued to screens as they watch an average of 30 hours of TV in a week.

To make matters worse, many viewers also use their smartphones or computers at the same time to comment on what happens during hit shows via social media.

As social media has grown in many years, many TV shows now tie in features allowing users to view bonus content or discuss points as they happen on air.

One of the points that surveys have showed is how technology has increased the time we spend looking at a screen throughout the day.

In a recent report made by the Media Technology Monitor, 58% of Canadian multitask and use more than one electronic device whilst watching TV.

This is mainly thanks to us surfing the web whilst our favourite shows are on even if the matter may not be related to what’s happening on TV.

Unsurprisingly, the worst offenders for staring at the screen all day are 18-24 year olds with several surveys averaging around 31 hours a week on the web and around 20 hours watching TV.

As Facebook and Twitter have become hotbeds for discussion, it means that it’s very easy for users to go online and talk about any breaking developments with their friends when incidents happen online. In fact, many shows encourage users to vote and participate online in a bid to liven up the action on live shows.

The attraction of using social media whilst watching TV seems to draw back to the ability to discuss what’s happening with friends or family. This is very much the viewpoint of BBM Canada’s Nathan Willsie who told The Globe and Mail that “there’s so much more happening on the web with people talking about things that are going on, social media is always being updated every second, 24/7.”

With more shows encouraging the use of social media to discuss major storylines and moments, it seems that the screen addiction is one that won’t be kicked anytime in the near future.

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