Huawei has Canada firmly in its sights

by Andrew Roach on April 29, 2013

Huawei has enjoyed much international success over the past year with the launch of several major smartphones and tablets across the world.

But now, the Chinese firm has come out saying that they are looking to expand their presence within Canada in a bid to become of the leading telecom firms within the country.

The new plans will see the firm launch a host of new products in Canada including several new smartphones throughout the next couple of years.

Some of Huawei’s leading devices include the Ascend P1 smartphone which was one of the fastest selling smartphones of 2012.

One of the biggest aims for Huawei is to further its connections with mobile providers within Canada and build lasting partnerships in the region.

The Shenzhen-based firm has already started doing this by creating links with a host of providers such as Telus and Wind Mobile.

This has allowed the firm to sell its products in many towns and cities giving them room to grow across the country and making steady profits in the region.

Huawei are hoping that there decision to expand within Canada will enable the company to benefit both customers and companies within the telecom world and help it grow even further. This was reflected by Scott Bradley, Huawei’s VP for government and corporate affairs in Canada, who told China Daily that “We believe they will be a positive addition to the consumer mobile market and will provide wireless customers with good quality, affordable and reliable handset.”

Even though the company is the world’s second largest telecom manufacturer, Huawei has faced criticism in the past over their ties to the Chinese government.

Despite these rumours, Huawei has maintained their independence and made a staggering $2.5bn in profits during 2012.

The move also renews foreign interest in Canada’s telecom industry which has gained attention from overseas companies following on from Industry Minister Christian Paradis’ call for foreign investment back at the Mobile World Congress tradeshow in February.

With Huawei already making links with providers across the country, don’t be surprised to see many more handsets from the Chinese manufacturer appearing in stores looking to breakthrough to all sectors of the country’s telecom industry.

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