1/3 of Canadians addicted to social media

by Andrew Roach on April 30, 2013

With social media playing such an important role in our lives, it means that we are always looking to see what’s happening on Facebook and Twitter.

So much so that a new survey has found that 1/3 of English-speaking Canadians can’t go a day without checking social networks.

According to the Media Technology Monitor, that marks a 6% increase since the figures were last compared back in 2011.

The news comes as Facebook and Twitter have expanded their services considerably recently as they move away from just the web and now focusing on mobile devices.

In MTM’s survey, it was clear that many Canadians have been bitten by the social networking bug with 7 out of 10 users regularly checking their Facebook or Twitter at least one a month.

However, it was the English-speaking members who were particularly hooked to social media with over 1,000 people in the survey admitting they access sites daily to see what’s going on.

Out of all the social networks, Facebook has proven to be much more popular than all of the other networks with 93% of all social media users admitting they have an account on the site.

Not only that, but a staggering 2/3 of internet users say that they access Facebook at least once a month to chat with friends or family.

Twitter hasn’t had as much as success across the country with less than 20% of the 4000 participants using the site within the last month.

Despite the low levels of usage, it still marks a big rise in who is using the site marking an improvement of 80% over the past 2 years.

MTM’s survey has shown that social media is now a big part of our daily lives and with the introduction of services such as Facebook Home on our smartphones; it will only increase more in the next few months.

So don’t be surprised to see social media sites be the basis of many new communication tools over the next couple of years as people across the country look to the platforms as their primary way of communicating in the digital world.

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