Blackberry Q10 gets initial release in Toronto

by Andrew Roach on May 1, 2013

After weeks of hype and speculation, today sees the Blackberry Q10 reach the shops 3 months after the first Blackberry 10 smartphone was released to the world.

However, residents living in Toronto will be in for a surprise as the city has been selected for an exclusive release as the Q10 will be available two days earlier than the rest of the country.

It means that the Q10 will appear in stores across the rest of Canada later in the week with a general worldwide release scheduled over the next fortnight.

The new smartphone is scheduled to be a mix of both the old and new Blackberry bringing back the classic QWERTY keypad whilst being loaded with the new Blackberry 10 operating system.

Blackberry is hoping that the exclusive release in Toronto will help the company capitalise on the interest generated in one of their biggest hotspots.

With Toronto being the financial and commercial hub in Canada, the move will give the Waterloo firm the chance to launch the Q10 towards the business world where Blackberry smartphones have traditionally been at their most successful.

This was emphasised by Blackberry’s COO Kristian Tear who commented on how the firm wanted to make an impact in one of their best-selling regions. In an interview with The National Post, he said that “the demand in Toronto is very, very strong, and we want to make sure we have enough supply.”

On its launch, the phone will be available through Rogers, Bell and Telus for $199 on a three-year plan whilst pay as you go users will be looking at prices of around $700.

Unlike the Z10, there will be a much quicker international release for the Q10 which will launch in the UK and Europe next week.

On top of that, the Q10 will also be available in the US later on this month just a few weeks after the Z10 went on sale in the country.

With many people predicting the Q10 to be the key to the true longevity and success of the Blackberry 10 range, all eyes will fall on Toronto to see how the world reacts to their newest smartphone.

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