Wind Mobile executive jumps ships signalling further trouble

by Andrew Roach on May 2, 2013

2013 has hardly been the ideal year for Wind Mobile as the mobile provider has struggled both to maintain its customer base and keep the company financially stable.

In the latest setback, the Toronto based operator has seen their chief legal officer Andrea Wood leave the company and join rivals Telus as their new vice-president of Legal Services.

With Telus being the 3rd largest mobile provider in Canada, it means that Wind will have to invoke emergency protocol in an attempt to stop other senior executives from leaving the company.

Over the past few years, Wind Mobile has been battling with other independent providers to secure the elusive position as the 4th provider in Canada’s mobile market.

Whilst it’s not uncommon to see executives leave one firm to another, the move represents the struggles that Wind are facing.

Wood has been at the company since they first formed in 2009 and whilst a switch might not always seem like much, the move to a direct rival such as Telus shows the problems facing Wind.

Wind Mobile has already seen their founder and CEO Anthony Lacavera take a step back from the company after they were put up for sale back in January and transferred his stake in the company to Dutch backer Vimpelcom.

However, Vimpelcom have since put the company up for sale with no bidders yet despite interest from parties both in Canada and overseas.

With Wood’s departure leaving Wind with yet another major gap to fill, the move casts further doubt on what Wind will be able to achieve in the future.

The company had been hoping to become the 4th major carrier which the Government has been pushing for in the last couple of years but the company has struggled to compete against the Big Three firms across the country.

With Wind having such a difficult year, fears have been raised about whether the provider will take part in the upcoming auction for the new 700MHz frequencies in November.

As questions continue to be raised about Wind’s long-term future, the provider will need to act quickly to ensure that any short-term blows such as Wood’s departure are filled quickly to minimize the possible damage to the company.

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