Songza launches series of new apps

by Andrew Roach on May 3, 2013

Online music streaming sites are popping up everywhere nowadays as a way for the music industry to try and get some sort of stranglehold of the digital revolution.

Whilst it has taken Canada a little while to take to these new apps, digital streaming service Songza has become one of the leading platforms in the country and are now ready to launch a new version of their mobile app.

In the new updates, Songza has refreshed several of their current features and introduced a couple of major new modes to the platform.

Songza has had a considerable impact in Canada since it first launched back in August with 40% of the platform users being located in the country.

One of the biggest changes to the 3.0 version of Songza is that the app’s interface has been re-designed to try and make it simpler for users operating it on their smartphones.

This means that the menus have been overhauled to make navigation between different sections both much simpler and faster than previous incarnations.

On top of that, audio collections such as playlists are now easier to find with each collection hosting around 150-200 songs in one particular listing.

The update also sees the introduction of several new modes to Songza to help make selecting music both faster and appropriate for different moods.

For example, one distinct movement on the phone will automatically bring up a search function so that when someone shakes or moves their phone; users can then just type in one or two words and then listen to a related playlist based on their search.

Alongside that, there is also a Concierge mode which looks to match music to someone’s feelings. This can be related to what someone is doing or the time of day which then suggests certain songs for that particular occasion.

Songza’s creators are hoping that the newest update can show that the emphasis of playlists shows that it is now becoming the most popular way to enjoy music on digital streaming platforms. When talking to The National Post, the service’s co-founder Elias Roman said that “I think the unit of analysis for most users most of the time is not artists or songs, but playlists, and how those playlists relate to a situation.”

With the newest update already available for iOS devices, it seems that services such as Songza are certainly looking to make themselves at home on all digital platforms across Canada in the coming months.

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