Blackberry 10 suffers first network blackout

by Andrew Roach on May 6, 2013

Since it launched back in January, Blackberry 10 has experienced a mainly trouble-free life with the system not encountering any major problems.

However, the new operating system experienced its first glitch on Friday with a network outage preventing users from making any calls or sending any messages.

It’s not the first time Blackberry users have been hit by network glitches with the problem having plagued previous generations of the smartphone in recent years.

The problems come just a day or two after the Waterloo manufacturer launched the latest Blackberry 10 smartphone – the Q10 – across Canada.

As the glitches hit on Friday, it meant that some Blackberry users were unable to access their network on their smartphones rendering them virtually useless for a short period of time.

Blackberry has kept extremely quiet about the glitch and hasn’t revealed anything about where the problem occurred or what caused the outage.

Since the incident, all phones have had their network access restored with normal service being resumed over the weekend.

Blackberry has responded quickly to their customers apologising profusely for the problem. In an email, the firm said that “We take all service issues — no matter how small — very seriously and through constant monitoring and investigation we aim to ensure our network meets customer expectations.”

The news comes as a setback to Blackberry following what had been a positive week for the smartphone manufacturer.

After the Q10’s launch in Canada in the latter part of the week, the firm had also got clearance by the US Department of Defence to use the devices inside the Pentagon.

Having beaten several leading devices such as the iPhone 5 and the Samsung Galaxy S4 to approval by the US Military, it shows how far the company have progressed since the start of the year.

To ensure that Blackberry continues to build on their momentum, the firm will need to make sure that they avoid encountering further network glitches and server problems as often as possible. If they do just that, then it won’t be long before Blackberry are chasing Apple and Samsung for the number 1 spot in the mobile market.

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