Canada participates in global privacy initiative

by Andrew Roach on May 8, 2013

Online privacy is one of the biggest ongoing topics in the technology world with many officials and industry experts discussing what can be done to improve the area

Now, the Canadian government is looking to act on the matter by joining in with an international scheme looking to improve and tighten online privacy.

The scheme will take place throughout this week with experts looking to focus on certain areas of the matter and learning how to improve.

It’s not just Canada taking part in the scheme with 19 nations taking part in the first ever international global privacy scheme.

The aim of the first ever international Internet Privacy Scheme is to help combat some of the online privacy issues have that dominated the technology world in recent months.

Organised by the Global Privacy Enforcement Network, the week sees the participating nations choose a particular theme and then search a web to see how privacy can be improved in that particular area.

During the first week, the authorities will focus on Privacy Practice Transparency looking to see how clearer methods can be implemented to improve the prospect of online privacy.

Many Canadian authorities have signed up to join in the week including the Office of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada.

It’s hoped that the move will highlight one of the biggest issues surfacing the online world and tighten security on websites and mobile devices. This was emphasised by Privacy Commissioner of Canada Jennifer Stoddart who told the Wall Street Journal that “It is critical that privacy enforcement authorities work together to help protect the privacy rights of people around the world.”

Canada isn’t the only nation taking part with many leading nations such as Australia, UK, USA and France among those who are participating in the event.

The international Internet Privacy sweep is set to last all week from May 6 to May 12 and could be the first of many if it proves to be successful.

With authorities in many leading nations signing up to the event, it means that the continuing issues around online privacy can be contested and improved to prevent further problems from surfacing in years to come.

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