Koodo upsets big guns in satisfaction survey

by Andrew Roach on May 10, 2013

With the Big Three mobile providers having such a stranglehold on the industry, many people expect the firms to lead the way in almost every area of the market.

However, a new survey says otherwise as Koodo Mobile has emerged as the best provider for customer satisfaction in Canada.

In fact, the big three companies had a rather torrid time in the survey as they filled out the bottom three spots of the 12-strong line-up.

The results stem from the Canadian Wireless Total Experience Study run by JD Power & Associates which asked over 13,000 mobile users across the country.

It’s certainly a surprise to see Koodo Mobile on top of the pile as the family-friendly provider scored an impressive 765 point in the survey.

But Koodo’s success sparked a trend where the smaller mobile providers were certainly popular with their customers with Virgin Mobile and Wind Mobile rounding out the top three with 744 and 729 points respectively.

This is a stark contrast to the usual dominance of Roger, Telus and Bell who found themselves at the bottom of the pile with Rogers only scoring a total of 662 points.

Bell weren’t much better off in the survey scoring 674 points whilst Telus were slightly ahead coming in 669 points.
The figures will make for grim reading for the Big Three networks that will need to consider their approach in terms of value and service to improve their scores in the future.

Alongside ranking the providers, the survey also looked at general aspects of the Canadian mobile industry in general where the average monthly bill is now valued at $77.

This marks a jump of $9 from the $68 figure from last year with the increasing use of data being isolated as the main cause for the price jump.

It’s not surprising to see data plans as the primary cause of the rise with many Canadians now using their phones to surf the web and access social media. On top of that, the survey found that most users checked their emails at least 10 times a day on a mobile device.

As mobile use continues to grow, it means that providers will need to keep their customers happy on a regular basis and this could be one of the aspects that could help ensure the survival of many of the struggling independent wireless providers for several years to come.

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Don May 10, 2013 at 9:48 am

I’m confused. Since Koodo is owned by Telus, then it isn’t really upsetting the big three, because it is still part of the big three.

Virgin is owned by Bell, so again, same thing.

Wind is the only one not actually a part of the big three.

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