What can we expect from Blackberry Live

by Andrew Roach on May 14, 2013

Blackberry Live has become a yearly highlight now as the Canadian manufacturer bring some of the biggest names in entertainment and technology together to show off what the company has achieved in the past year.

Whilst the last couple of events have come when the company was under increasing pressure, this year’s show comes with the company riding a wave of success from the release of the two new Blackberry 10 phones.

Even though not many people are expecting any major announcements at this year conference, the company are likely to answer some of the most buzzing questions that the company have raised in previous months such as their stance on tablets and plans for more Blackberry 10 devices.

Alongside this, there is expected to be appearances and performances from numerous celebrities throughout the 3 days including Alicia Keys and The Alabama Shakes.

The tablet taboo

As always with Blackberry Live, there are always one burning question that the company will need to answer to satisfy critics and industry analysts.

This year, many will be looking to see the stance Blackberry will take on the development of tablets following the company distancing themselves from the devices.

Last month, Blackberry chief executive Thorstein Heins called tablets just a current fad and that they would be considered obsolete in 5 years time.

With this in mind, it looks increasingly unlikely that the rumoured Blackberry 10 Playbook will not come into existence at any point in the near future.

Looking to answer bigger issues in society

One theme that is set to take precedent during this year’s event is answering some of the bigger issues in society including the role of women and helping the developing world.

This year’s marquee guest is Alicia Keys and apart from performing at the event, the Grammy award winner is also set to be involved in several sessions showcasing the growing role of women in the technology industry.

Keys has featured in several advertising campaigns for Blackberry over the past year and has become of the major celebrity endorsers for their products.

Another issue that will be talked about is the growing technology market in developing economies where Blackberry has enjoyed strong sales particularly in Africa and Asia.

It’s expected that the company will unveil new strategies that will showcase how Blackberry will increase their presence across the world.

With Blackberry seemingly focused on developing current strategies and products, it seems that this year will be more about showing about how Blackberry wants to solidify their growth rather than leaping straight back to the top of the mobile phone empire.

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