US & Canada finalise border spectrum agreement

by Andrew Roach on May 15, 2013

Over the past few years, Canada has been strengthening its infrastructural ties with the US in order to minimize any possible disruption to services that overlap between the two countries.

But a huge step has been reached as the two nations have agreed to an agreement which will see the sides share frequencies across the border to help improve wireless networks along the border.

The agreement will initially focus on spectrum needed to run the internet in border communities smoothly and provide better broadband coverage in both countries.

The news comes as internet spectrum continues to be a hotly contested issue in Canada with the spectrum licenses coming up for renewal in a few weeks.

With the announcement of the new agreement between both Canada and the US, it means that towns near the US border will experience much less chances of interference affecting the Internet in the region.

Initially, the spectrum will be shared from frequencies ranging from 350MHz to 3700MHz which covers all form of internet including high speed broadband connections.

It will see that connections on both sides will be joined together creating one complete network rather than sticking to within their own countries.

As the effects of the agreement kick in, it means that multiple device will now be able to access an internet network without the potential to lose access or be kicked off thanks to geographical limitations.

In another strand of the new deal, it will also give public bodies better methods to warn of threats to the area such as the improvement of public broadcast systems.

There will be a host of improvements on services on the 4940 – 4990 MHz spectrum which will help authorities send messages on treacherous weather and local threats on various systems such as the Advanced Wireless System and the Personal Communication Service.

Neither the FCC nor Industry Canada has stated when the agreement will come into effect but with both sides agreeing to share their resources on the border, it will mean that residents in border towns can look forward to a much more stable wireless and internet connection in the near future.

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