BlackBerry Plans to Launch BBM Across Multiple Platforms this Summer

by Istvan Fekete on May 16, 2013

BlackBerry is planning to release its popular messaging platform, BBM, for iOS and Android as early as this summer, the company has announced. This means the platform barriers will finally fall, and you will be able to connect with your friends using BBM and share the love.

This also means that the company has finally admitted its current status on the mobile market: the best place to be right now is on iOS and Android. According to the most recent announcement on Google I/O, there are 900 million Android devices out there spread across the globe, while Apple’s latest stats talk about 500+ million iOS devices worldwide.

From this perspective, the 60 million BlackBerry userbase looks small.

But how does the messaging competition stack up? Again, we’ve heard yesterday that GCM (Google Cloud Messages) delivers 17 billion messages each day, meaning 200,000 push messages each second.

Apple’s iMessage, announced with iOS 5, delivers 2 billion messages each day, according to January stats.

The most recent BlackBerry stats reveal that BBM users send 10 billion messages on a daily basis, but as a comparison, WhatsApp, boasts 20 billion daily discourses, and currently has 200 million active users. A tremendous performance.

By developing a BBM application for iOS and Android, BlackBerry admits its place in the tech giants’ top list: it will never bring back those golden days, because it will never unseat either iOS, or Android.

With the company’s desperate need for a success story – it is losing ground even in the enterprise market, as the has Pentagon opened up its network to iOS and Android devices and granted both iOS 6 and Samsung Know the security certificate the two needed to create a strong base in the enterprise — and the BBM app for iOS and Android could be one.

If it can boost its userbase, it could signal both investors and future users that it is something still worth caring about, and that it still has huge potential as a services provider. Going even further, success for BBM for competing platforms could also increase the number of potential BlackBerry customers.

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