Glentel enjoys successful start to the year

by Andrew Roach on May 20, 2013

It has been a rather lively year for the Canadian mobile industry so far with companies like Blackberry launching new phones and wireless providers such as Rogers and Bell trying to make themselves more appealing to customers.

This has provided mobile retailers with the perfect opportunity to capitalise on the busy market such as Glentel who have announced a strong start to the year.

The Burnaby based firm have posted a 106% profit from where they were in 2012 as they posted sales results of $305.7 million during Q1 of 2013.

Glentel owns several different mobile brands that include Wireless Wave, TBooth and the newly launched Target Mobile.

One of the reasons for Glentel enjoying such a strong start to the year is thanks to the launch of the new Target Mobile shop in Canada.

After winning the contract at the back of last year, Glentel were involved with the launch of 46 separate stores across Canada since February.

The launch has helped boost the retailer’s presence in several states including Alberta, British Columbia and Manitoba as well as within Toronto whilst there are further plan to launch another 78 sores by the end of 2012.

Alongside the success of the new Target Mobile stores, Glentel has also seen success thanks to the performance of their international subsidiaries in both America and Australia.

In the US, both Diamond Wireless and Wireless Zone earned a combined total of $163.3 million in sales over the first period of 2013.

Meanwhile, Glentel’s latest acquisition Allphones performed solidly in Australia with the release of several new smartphones such as the HTC First and the Galaxy S4 to post figures of $45.6 million.

By already posting strong figures at the start of the year, Glentel executives are already planning to expand later on in the year. This was underlined by their President and CEO Thomas Skidmore who stated that “With store expansions in Canada, U.S., and Australia, including our recent entry into the Philippines with our first four mall stores in Manila, growth opportunities seem abundant as we now operate in four countries on three continents.”

With there still several major product launches still to come plus the review of current wireless laws, it seems that retailers such as Glentel are extremely well placed to benefit from a growing and competitive mobile market.

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