Digitcom Announces SIP Worldwide. Get a Phone Number from Anywhere!

by Jeff Wiener on May 30, 2013

When Digitcom first introduced Hosted PBX and SIP trunking in November  2012, we geared our product launch to the Canadian market and Canadian phone numbers specifically. We are now proud to announce that as of April 2013, we have extended our reach not only to the U.S., but to over 60 countries around the world including France, England, China, Japan, and Australia among many others.

In addition to all of the other benefits of SIP trunking, which we will address in a moment, the ability to port a number from anywhere in the world means that anyone can call your office as a local call. So if you do a remote call forward for a number from China, for example, it means that someone from China can call your office as if you were right next door.

For a moment let’s say you have a head office in Toronto but want to provide the appearance of having an office in Vancouver, Chicago, or perhaps Beijing or Paris, we can provide the number and call forward to your local Toronto number and your customers can now call you for free on that line. Not only that, but let’s say you are moving from a Toronto address to a location in Mississauga, you can port your Toronto number and point it to your Mississauga PRI.

Digitcom has been provisioning SIP trunks on the Avaya IP Office since last November. The benefit of buying SIP trunks from Digitcom, especially if you are looking to install on the IP Office, is that we own, manage, and take responsibility not only for the SIP trunk network, but also the integration to the IP Office. If you need a DID added then Digitcom can add the DID to your SIP trunks, add the DID to the Avaya IP Office, and make it all work. In addition, if your IP Office needs to be upgraded to the latest release, you can be assured that we have thoroughly tested on the release before the upgrade.

In addition to the number portability, SIP Trunks innately support business continuity through either remote call forwarding or alternative routing when a session cannot be established, something which is not possible with a traditional PRI. For example, if a SIP session is interrupted the call can be reprovisioned instantly to an alternate destination, either at another office running a SIP-enabled phone system, an automated attendant at Digitcom’s data center, or a number of hosted PBX extensions. This is something you DON’T get with a PRI circuit.

Many organizations run campaigns or seasonal businesses which require an increase or decrease in the number of voice channels, something which is very hard to achieve with traditional analog or PRI lines, but is extremely easy to achieve with SIP trunks. In fact, it is even possible to burst beyond the allocated number of channels in the event of an inbound call surge.

Finally, similar to the unlimited long distance plans commonly found on residential SIP services like Vonage or Skype, this service is now moving into the business domain with Digitcom offering unlimited LD Canada, US, and/or worldwide unlimited calling. Our clients have already saved thousands of dollars on long distance charges by taking advantage of our unlimited LD plans.

Given the increased flexibility SIP trunks provide over traditional TDM technologies like analog lines and PRI, the technology is quickly evolving and gaining market share, meaning it will soon replace PRI lines as the line of choice.

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