Rogers aims to end Toronto’s digital divide

by Andrew Roach on June 4, 2013

With the Internet now becoming an essential part of daily life, it’s important for everyone to have access to the web whenever they can.

For some poorer households, the internet is still too expensive to get but they could be about to be offered a lifeline thanks to the launch of a new Internet plan by Rogers.

Rogers are launching a new internet plan in Toronto which would give young people living in social housing the chance to access a broadband connection at home for just $9.99 per month.

The Connected For Success initiative was launched on Monday and aims to help give disadvantaged families the chance to benefit and gain access to basic digital resources such as the Internet.

When the new plan launches, those living in social housing will get the chance to sign up to the program which is some 4 times cheaper than the standard base package for residents living in Toronto.

The $9.99 service will enable users to get internet speeds at 3mbs whilst they will also be given an upload/download limit of 30GB per month.

To qualify for the program, younger residents will need to apply with Toronto Community Housing who will then assess each application before deciding who will qualify for the new scheme.

Rogers are hoping that the new plan will help give young Canadians the chance to access the web and use it to help them get their lives back on track. This was underlined by Rogers President Rob Bruce who told CBC that “it’s unfathomable that Canadians are living without internet access today because they simply cannot afford it.”

The scheme is one part of the Connected For Success program launched on Monday by Rogers to help poorer families get to grips and use digital products in their everyday lives.

These services are a bid to try and improve the fortune of Canada’s poorest families where 46% of those earning less than $36,000 a year still without an internet connection.

Whilst it will take quite a while to close that digital gap completely, the launch of cheap packages to use the Internet is an important stepping stone that telecom companies will need to continue to develop as the web becomes an integral part of daily life across the world.

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