Are mobile devices helping us stay healthy?

by Andrew Roach on June 10, 2013

For years, there has been a growing debate in the scientific world about whether mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets are healthy for us to use.

While the effects on our health are still being debated, a new report has shown that we are using our mobile devices more than ever to manage our health such as staying fit, booking appointments or even trying to diagnose a potential disease.

A new report compiled by PwC has unveiled that 2/3 of all Canadians are now using portable devices to manage their own health in some shape or form.

This has been done through a host of different means ranging from using specially devised apps to monitor progress of a condition to using tools such as video chat to hold scheduled appointments.

One of the biggest reasons for the boom in the popularity of the mobile health care world is that more and more patients are now open to monitoring and looking after their own health through a mobile device.

In the report, it was found that 80% of users were comfortable using their smartphones to check up on their own wellbeing and monitor the changes on a regular basis.

Alongside that, another 66% of participants found that they were willing to use their phones to hold follow up appointments with doctors after surgery or being discharged from hospital either through voice or video chat.

In fact, communication was one of the biggest reasons for using mobile phones to stay healthy with 79% of those involved in the survey saying that that they would like to communicate with their doctors via e-mail.

The urge for more use of digital communication in looking after our health signals how much we use mobile devices as part of our daily lives. This was reflected on by PwC Healthcare manager partner Will Falk who told Beacon News that “Canadians are ready for the digitalization of their care and the next wave of service innovation will need to put the patient at the centre of the solution.”

With there always being a need for us to keep on top of our personal health, mobile devices presents the medical world with a means to create tools to help us stay healthy at all times proving that mobiles are more a help than a hindrance to our own personal health.

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