New Search Service Provides Personalized ‘Vu’ of the Internet

by Matt Klassen on June 21, 2013

Across the vast wasteland of pointless Internet content it is becoming increasingly difficult for web users to find what they’re looking for. Traditional search engines attempt to simplify the process by using complex algorithms to deliver content that might be relevant to you, but you’re still left sorting through endless pages of results in a vain attempt to find what you want.

In an attempt to make the Internet a more user friendly place, start-up company Vu Digital has taken a different approach to online search, developing a social search tool that is able to sort through the mountains of information available on the web and deliver the most relevant and interesting to the individual user in an easy-to-use format.

Simply put, while traditional search engines act like confused or disinterested service staff who point vaguely at what you might be looking for, Vu acts as your personal guide; one who learns what you like and creates a personalized and unique tour through the Internet that delivers to you exactly what you want, and nothing you don’t.

The problem for today’s Internet is that its largely outgrown the current search options, meaning when you have a search query only a minuscule percentage of relevant articles are usually found, the rest usually buried somewhere out there in cyberspace collecting digital dust. Now that’s where Vu comes in, scouring the Internet not for the most popular results or the one’s with the most relevant keywords, but the one’s you want to read.

While Vu embodies the contemporary trend towards personalized technology and individualized online interactions, it isn’t meant to replace current search options like Google, Yahoo, or Bing, its meant to compliment them, going beyond basic search results to seamlessly bring you the content you want.

“To Vu, getting the right content to the right people is key.” eCommerce Times writer Jeff Kagan explains. “This sounds like a problem solver both for content providers who want their stuff to be read and seen, and for consumers who must sort through masses of articles to find the stories they are interested in.”

Bridging this gap between end user and content provider is what Vu is all about, as the search tool is able to learn user preferences, create a user profile, and find the content the reader wants. Vu watches users’ online search behaviors and interests based on their daily journey through the Web, founder Wade Smith explains. It then takes the “personalized knowledge” to each site a user visits and finds and delivers matching news and content. The more you search, the smarter Vu becomes, and the more relevant search results its delivers to your doorstep.

As the company’s LinkedIn profile explains, “V? is unique because it learns based on users’ activity on all V? enabled sites, creating a customized online experience for each and every user based on their entire digital profile. In other words, V? establishes user insight based on a person’s entire journey throughout the Web.”

While some may shudder at the thought of an Internet tool developing a personalized unique user profile based on your daily Internet habits and routines, such learning technology is truly the wave of the future. In fact, in an era where developments in areas of like form factor and user interface have largely stagnated, the near future for technology is all about personalization and synchronization, getting all of our tools to work together and work for us.

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