WiMoto helps you monitor your surroundings through your smartphone

by Andrew Roach on June 25, 2013

One of the great advances about smartphones is their versatility and ability to be used for a whole host of different functions and purposes.

Now, one Ontario company is aiming to take advantage of this by producing a system which lets users monitor different conditions around their home on a mobile device.

Markham based WiMoto uses a series of programs called motes which lets users monitor different aspects inside and outside of the house such a temperature and humidity.

Having been available for pre-order last month, the system is also looking to receive further funding on IndieGogo to try and expand its range of tools even further.

The key feature of the Wimoto system is that it is able to be placed anywhere and give readings back to the users on a host of different areas.

It uses motes to give readings which connect to a smartphone through Bluetooth to allow someone to view the result on the system’s app.

The Wimoto sensors are powered by a single battery which can last up to a year without needing to be changed.

While the Bluetooth connection gives a base link between the sensors and the main device, the sensors themselves also have additional technology to tailor them for specific needs.

For example, the temperature based Thermote sensor has an internal thermometer built inside so it can monitor the constant conditions in a room and alert users when it drops or rises above a specified temperature.

Alongside that, the Growmote sensor is able to measure humidity levels within the garden to let the user know when they need to water their plants and flowers.

With the Bluetooth settings, keen developers can also tweak the sensors further if need be to meet their own needs and demands around the home

At the moment, the Wimoto is available for pre-order for $39 per sensor or $159 for all 5 motes with the full release currently scheduled down for some point in September

As smartphones and mobile devices become more advanced, it means that their capabilities will extend even further and devices such as Wimoto show that they can be used for practical purpose and not just for surfing the web and chatting with friends and family.

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