Study Finds 21% of Canadians Subscribe to 5–10 GB Plans

by Istvan Fekete on June 26, 2013

Reports have already highlighted that North America retains almost two-thirds of global LTE connections, but a recent study conducted by Mobida Technology Inc. sheds light on how connected Canadians are. According to the result of the mobile analytics firm’s white paper, almost a quarter of Canadian LTE subscribers have chosen wireless data plans of between five and ten gigabytes.

The research was conducted in collaboration with Informa, and published as part of the “Understanding Today’s Smartphone Users” series, which gives an inside look into LTE usage of the leading markets of the U.S., Canada, Germany, Korea, Japan, and the United Kingdom.

Of course, if you an LTE subscriber, you have no doubt bought the latest handset for a certain reason: to enable access to a high-speed Internet connection because you are using more data than other wireless subscribers. That’s why LTE users usually opt for larger-volume plans.

As a result, LTE subscribers tend to use Wi-Fi to take some of the burden off heavy data applications such as file or video-sharing less often than 3G users. To put that into numbers, this April Wi-FI represented 67% of all LTE subscriber data usage compared to 72% for 3G subscribers.

Interestingly though, while 4G LTE subscribers are after bigger data plans, 3G subscribers aren’t too far behind: 14% of Canadian 3G users are ready to shell out money on a monthly basis for 5 GB – 10 GB data plans.

“We are excited to make this set of LTE usage data and white paper available to the industry,” said Chris Hill, vice president of marketing at Mobidia. “Our data sets are the most comprehensive global view of LTE usage trends, generated by actual users, available today. While our latest white paper provides a compelling set of insights, it represents only a fraction of the data that is available for planning, benchmarking, and strategic decision making.”

Although it is not a revelation, the study points to increased usage of apps such as Google Maps, Facebook and Twitter, alongside the “being connected all the time and anywhere” trend among LTE subscribers. Also, data hungry app usage — such as music streaming services — have seen a drop on cellular networks and an increase on Wi-Fi networks.

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