Vancouver company aiming to eclipse Google Earth

by Andrew Roach on June 27, 2013

Out of all of Google’s different services and software, Google Earth has always been one of the most iconic and unrivalled programmes to hit the web.

But now, a Vancouver firm is looking to provide some competition to their satellite imaging software with the launch of their take of mapping the world.

UrtheCast is aiming to load their own cameras onto the International Space Station and then allow keen browsers to view the images captured by their system.

UrtheCast has only just been formed comprising of camera imaging firm Earth Video Camera and offshore resources firm Longford Gas and Oil.

To take images in full detail, the new start-up will launch two different cameras into space – one that can that medium quality pictures whilst the other is able to capture data in full HD.

This will mark the first time anyone has sent a HD imaging device up into space even beating Google to the punch for that particular feat.

Using links with the Russian Space Agency, UrtheCast’s system will be launched in November on the Soyuz rockets before being attached to the ISS which sit 350km above Earth.

By utilising their links, those involved with the launch of the company reckon that they are able to fill a big gap in the market with several features not seen on Google Earth. This was underlined by President and CEO Scott Larson who told The Globe and Mail that “you can enter your address and see a picture taken two weeks, six weeks, 15 weeks, 30 weeks and scroll back and forth in time to see how things have changed over time.”

“I tend to think that everyone in the world is going to want to come to the website at least once,” he added.

To get everything in motion, the company has gone public on the TSX and has managed to raise $17.5million in private funding.

Alongside that, the company’s board is made up of several people involved with the aerospace industry including William Evans who used to run the Canadian Space Agency.

UrtheCast is certainly an ambitious project to try and pull off but with the firm already having the finance and the links to get everything underway, the Vancouver firm have all the tools they need to take on and challenge tech giants such as Google.

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