New reports give clearer pictures of current cable set-up across Canada

by Andrew Roach on July 2, 2013

Communication companies have long offered a host of different set-ups to try and entice customers to sign up with them for more than just one package.

A new report has been released showing how customers value their provider with many people actually choosing to have at least more than one service with their current company.

Many people often either had an additional internet or phone package on top of the cable service that they were already receiving.

The report was just one of two compiled by J.D Powers to gain a better understanding of the current state and picture between cable companies and their customers.

One thing that has become apparent though is that most people in the survey did admit that they had gotten more than just a cable package with their current provider with Internet being the most popular added inclusion into a bundle.

So much show that 83% of all the participants in the survey had turned to their current cable company to provide an internet service as well.

With many companies now offer internet services such as IPTV and video on-demand, it means that customers are looking to stick with the same company for the internet to take advantage of all these particular services.

On top of that, many customers felt it was best to have everything tied together with 59%of users also had a phone package with their cable provider tying all of their communication set-ups with one company.

With this in mind, it’s clear to see that most people are satisfied with the service they currently receiving with the satisfaction reports showing that 22% of basic customers thinking of switching to a different provider in the coming year.

Despite customers’ being satisfied with their overall service, many felt that using mobile devices to watch their favourite show still needed some work with 42% of respondents unhappy with the service in compared to watching the same show on a TV.

This was often down to a disruption in the service after losing the picture or connection while on the move. This was underlined by Adrian Chung from J.D. Powers who told The Globe and Mail that “Satisfaction for mobile users suffers because they tend to experience more problems with picture and download speed.”

Even if mobile services have yet to be perfected, it seems that many customers are happy with their current providers and that they can be counted on to supply all the communication needs that someone may need for their home.

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