Blackberry management urges investors to trust them

by Andrew Roach on July 10, 2013

It’s been a bit of a stressful time for anyone associated with Blackberry as the company have experienced yet another turbulent year filled with up and downs.

But senior executives at the company have urged customers and investors to remain patient with the company maintaining that the firm are still set to make a profit at the end of the year.

The reassurance was needed after the company posted heavy losses despite the launch of a new operating system and two new smartphones.

The remarks were part of Blackberry’s annual investors conference which reviews the company’s actions over the past 12 months and also gives an indication of what to expect in the future.

Many of the remarks made by Blackberry’s CEO Thorsten Heins were measures that were more likely to act as damage control rather than a way to help lift spirits at the firm.

After all, it was only a few weeks ago when the Waterloo based manufacturer posted surprising losses equating to $67million over the past 3 months.

But Heins has stated the company is still in the middle of the rebuilding process and that they need time to get everything right. This was highlighted in the investors’ address where he stated that “while we are proud … we are still in the midst of a major complex transition of our company.”

As Blackberry fans have been hoping for answers from senior management about the losses, the news that the company is still shifting from the old to the new will certainly leave many questioning what Blackberry might be able to achieve in the future.

The company have has faced some tough competition from the likes of HTC and Samsung who both released new flagship products since the start of the year.

But with Blackberry 10 still early in its life cycle, many people still think that there is a chance for Blackberry to turn it around despite their slow start.

As Blackberry looks to still find a way to break even, senior figures will be hoping that their faith and trust in their products will be enough to help get Blackberry back into the upper echelons of the mobile world.

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