New online gift card only charges on purchases

by Andrew Roach on July 11, 2013

Our smartphones and tablets now enable us to do all sorts of tasks and actions on our smartphones including buying items and making transactions.

In a bid to take advantage of the growing boom in mobile technology, a BC based firm has launched an online gift card in which the sender is charged only when it is used

The Kiind system looks to try and reduce consumers from losing out on gift cards that never go unused after they were given as a gift to friends or family.

Victoria based Kiind have already got their system working with some of the biggest online stores around such as Amazon and

The idea of Kiind looks to make gift cards much more of an affordable option and this is why the sender is only charged once it is used.

At the moment, the company reckon that around 20% of all gift cards go unused which can sometimes put people off from buying them as a gift

To make sure that recipients are always aware that they have the digital gift card, the system is able to use GPS information to give suggestions of where the card might be able to be used in nearby shops or restaurants.

Kiind’s senior figures have managed to partner with numerous restaurant chains and shops across both the US and Canada as well as online retailers to make their online gift card as usable as possible.

By doing so, the company’s leading figures are hoping that their idea will take on with consumers across North America. This was underlined by Kiind’s CEO Leif Baradoy who told The Globe and Mail that “it’s such a simple concept, but it’s something that no one has done before”

After initially being available to users in Calgary and Alberta, Kiind is radically expanding their reach with the service now available in over 300 cities across the US and Canada.

With the digital revolution already having helped support the straggling retail industry and launch the discount coupon industry into the modern age, Kiind’s leading figures will be hoping that their idea will be the catalyst to helping rejuvenate the niche market for gift cards.

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