Smashing the Dream: Smart watches

by Istvan Fekete on July 18, 2013

Developing a smart watch appears to be the next boom in the consumer market, everybody is doind that Still, calling some of them “smart” could be an overkill because something appears to be holding them back.

According to a recent Canalys forecast, we are going to see a 900% increase in smart watch shipments next year compared to 2013. The market research company expects to see the smart watch market to exceed 5 million unit shipments in 2014.

Canalys estimates that over 330,000 smart watches were shipped in 2012. This year, however, Pebble has broken into the market backed by the Kickstarter campaign and a powerful community hungry for smart watches, pushing the Canalys forecast to over 500,000 for 2013. As the guys behind Pebble have noted, they have surpassed 275,000 orders, so everything is on track for a great year for them.

But then there are the other guys: Apple, Microsoft, Samsung and others, who have allegedly put a tremendous amount of energy and money to enter the apparently lucrative smart watch market.

In fact the demand seems to be high because the currently available smart watches are failing to meet consumer expectations, due to the ever-present issue of portable computing: battery life.

Yes, battery life affects the smart watch dream. But it also affects the smartphone dream as well: just think about the iPhone. The majority of consumers complain about its battery life, no matter the model.

So the market still lacks a high-quality smart watch with a great battery life. Everyone hates to plug in the watch three times a week, next to the smartphone before bedtime.

In other words, manufacturers will need to opt for larger batteries to give consumers the satisfaction of a long battery life.

But then there is the power-draining display. Manufacturers will need to look for less power-draining alternatives than the traditional LCD displays, but the currently available technologies mean there will be compromises in other areas. In other words, lots of question signs and only a few answers.

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