Motorola Set to Unveil MotoX

by Matt Klassen on July 22, 2013

After months of teasers, rumours, and speculation it looks like Motorola is finally set to unveil its new flagship smartphone, the MotoX. But as TechCrunch writer Chris Velazco notes, “’Unveil’ may not exactly be the right word — the veil has basically been off for months if you go [by] the sheer number of leaks we’ve seen make the rounds.”

Its clear Google and its Motorola subsidiary have taken a different tack from conventional smartphone releases leading up to the scheduled August 1st unveiling of the MotoX, with rumours flowing from the company with frequency and ease like sand through its collective fingers. In fact, given the volume of information we already know about the MotoX, one has to think that the deluge of leaks is less by accident and more by design, a new marketing strategy from the Google mobile family.

But given the fact we know almost all there is to know about the MotoX—at least we think we do—is there anything to look forward to come August 1st? As strange as it sounds, there may still be lots we don’t yet know about Motorola’s new flagship device.

I remember a time when Apple guarded the specifics of any forthcoming iPhone release like gold in Fort Knox, with tidbits like a lost iPhone prototype making national news as people clamoured to get the inside scoop on what we would see come release day. Obviously Google has rejected that sort of marketing strategy.

In fact, as I mentioned, given that Google and Motorola can seemingly stop leaks about as well as a colander stops water, one has to think that this is all part of Google’s overall strategy, the shots of CEO Larry Page using the MotoX and the recently leaked pictures of the device all part of the search engine giant’s grand scheme.

As it stands, we already have a good picture of what the device will look like, what components and features it will sport in its uniquely curved frame, and what sort of Android software will run the whole thing, leaving about the only surprise for release day being how Motorola will pull it all together into one comprehensive package.

But given the sheer volume of rumours, is anyone else thinking that Google’s strategy may be even more devious than anything Apple ever conjured up; perhaps some marketing slight of hand that would see this mass of leaked information actually subverting our attention away from what the MotoX will really be, making us think we know everything about the MotoX when really we know nothing?

As nice as that sounds, though, it’s not likely true, meaning we likely have a pretty good handle on what the new MotoX will deliver. The only question that remains in my mind is price, as recently Motorola CEO Dennis Woodside hinted that he was very interested in powerful low-cost handsets, leading many to believe that the MotoX will shatter previous flagship phone price points, giving both Apple and fellow Android partner Samsung both a run for their money.

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