Tim Hortons caught up in Wi-Fi row

by Andrew Roach on July 22, 2013

The Internet is always a tool which people expect complete and utter freedom on when they are using it in their own time.

However, coffee chain Tim Hortons have found themselves in the middle of a censorship row after the company refused to give access to a same sex news website on their Wi-Fi network.

The problem was found at several of the brand’s stores as people were unable to access DailyXtra.com – the website of national free newspaper Xtra.

It’s the first time that Tim Hortons has fallen into hot water over their Wi-Fi network which was first launched in many of stores late last year.

One of the main issues on Friday’s situation was that the coffee company had actually deemed the website as unsuitable for viewing in the public domain.

Many had thought that the site may have blocked as an error but Xtra’s publishers found that the site was blocked intentionally. This was confirmed by an email provided to The Canadian Press from Tim Hortons which declared that “not appropriate for all ages viewing in a public environment.”

“We try to ensure that all of our guests can enjoy a safe and pleasant experience when visiting us. We look at all of these types of requests in detail in order to provide the most latitude we can while keeping our restaurants a friendly environment,” they added.

It was later revealed that a problem within a third party provider working on the Wi-Fi was the course for the site to be blocked.

These comments had sparked outrage across the country where many members of the public admitted on social media sites that they were thinking of boycotting the chain in the future.

With criticisms coming in at all angles, Tim Hortons were quick to apologize and have since stated that the situation has been rectified with full access now being provided to the site in their stores.

Even though everything has been fixed, the situation will serve as a reminder to companies across Canada about the expectations surrounding the use of Wi-Fi networks in house and the importance to keep everything as open as possible.

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