TalkRocket helping stroke victims talk through their iPhone

by Andrew Roach on July 26, 2013

Suffering a stroke is something that can have serious detrimental effects on the body such as making it impossible to communicate properly with friends and family.

But a new app from a Toronto developer is actually helping stroke victims overcome their difficulties by allowing them to speak through their iPhone.

The TalkRocket Go app, developed by My Voice, lists a host of common phrases which users can just click on and get spoken out digitally.

By doing this, it means that handicapped users will be able to carry out basic day to day tasks such as ordering a drink or asking about someone’s day.

One of the things that really work in TalkRocket’s favour is that it is extremely simple to use so even someone who has had a severe stroke is able to benefit from its services.

The app is nothing but a series of menus which users just need to tap through in order to get the phrase they are looking for.

Even though the idea does seem extremely simple, it has proved to be extremely popular with stroke victims having helped out 10,000 people around the world since its launch 2 years ago.

It’s heralded success has even caught its creators by surprise who weren’t particularly sure how the app would be received. In an interview with CBC, My Voice CEO Alexander Levy stated that “it’s unbelievable. We’ve had so many instances since we’ve started where we’ve had an email or a phone call about how this has changed someone’s life.”

This success hasn’t gone unnoticed by the provincial government either who have added the app to the Ontario Assistive Devices Program meaning that users can get the Ministry of Health to pay the $99 to get the app.

With support from the Ontario and Federal government, the app has been adapted for use across the country including a French specific version for users in Quebec to also benefit from the same service.

Even though some people believe that digital technology may not always be good for our health, apps such as TalkRocket are proving to be a vital resource in the community to help ill citizens such as stroke victims help recover and enjoy their daily routines.

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