What exactly is making Blackberry falter in 2013

by Andrew Roach on July 29, 2013

Blackberry are still trying to find the sweet spot when it comes to getting the company fully heading in the right direction and not making losses.

After a poor financial performance in the first half of the year, the mobile manufacturer has been forced to making more job cuts to try and help ease the strain on the company finances.

Product testing has been the latest department to suffer from cutbacks with 250 jobs set to go from the area that looks after a lot of the research and development of its main products.

The department joins one of many areas at the Waterloo headquarters to suffer from the mass redundancies that have so far seen the loss of 7000 jobs in the past 2 years.

With Blackberry making further cutbacks, the company are still struggling to find ways to help keep the firm a profitable operation despite all that has gone on this year.

As Blackberry 10 devices have sold at a steady rate, the company have only eased their losses ever so slightly in the past few years prompting the need for large redundancies.

Blackberry has put almost all their resources into trying to make Blackberry 10 into a world beating system designed to put them back on top.

Unfortunately, these plans have seemingly failed to find a way to overtake their competition with Blackberry’s latest offerings suffering from a busy 6 months in the mobile world.

The Z10 and Q10 have gone up against numerous top Android devices such as the Samsung Galaxy SIII and the Sony Xperia Z as well as an increasing amount of Windows based smartphones.

These have all outperformed Blackberry on the global stage hindering growth despite the Z10 and Q10 selling well within Canada.

With only lower end phones scheduled to be released anytime in the near future, it’s easy to think that Blackberry’s woes will continue especially with no headline grabbing devices on the horizon.

But the lower end models could be the ace up their sleeve as these models are being aimed towards emerging markets such as Africa and Asia.

These regions are some of the most profitable mobile markets in the world where mobile phone business is booming especially for established names such as Blackberry.

Their previous track record in the industry combined with some cheaper models could spur a late charge and help pick up their straggling global sales performances so far in 2013 and salvage some of the year.

If not, then 2013 will be yet another case of opportunity missed for Blackberry who will seriously need to question what they need to do to once again reach the top levels of the mobile market.

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