Blackberry 10 gets initial seal of approval from the Pentagon

by Andrew Roach on August 13, 2013

Out of all the communication networks in the world, none is more highly protected and encrypted than the internal system that is used within the Pentagon.

Only a handful of devices are allowed to access the network which means that a lot of pressure and security is placed on mobile manufacturers to make sure that they meet the strict criteria set in place by the Department of Defence in Washington.

Blackberry has done just that though with news emerging that their new Blackberry 10 system has passed the first round of inspections set in place to gain approval for use inside the Pentagon.

Both the Z10 and Q10 passed the initial screening test last week meaning that they could soon be used widely by US military personnel.

The achievement is a particular coup for the Waterloo based operator as the devices could become the first smartphones to gain full federal approval for use within military campaigns.

With the first major hurdle now cleared, the company stated that the DoD was now designing their network so that it could support 10,000 new Blackberry devices in the next couple of months with the figure rising further to 30,000 by the end of the year.

Alongside that, Blackberry are hoping that it could open the way for potential negotiations about becoming a supplier to the government further down the line. This was compounded in comments made within the company’s release which stated that “the approval demonstrates that BlackBerry 10 smartphones meet DoD’s most stringent security requirements.”

Despite no orders yet to be made by figures at The Pentagon, it marks a big change for Blackberry who have lost many of their federal contracts in the last couple of years.

Having initially been a provider for several different federal departments only a few years ago, the company’s poor fortunes in recent years has seen areas such as US Custom and the NTSB make the switch to iPhones rather than sticking with Blackberry.

Despite these hiccoughs though, it seems that Blackberry’s newest products have got them back in the good books of the US government which is a major achievement that will certainly help boost morale and momentum for the second half of the year.

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