Unions enter into Verizon auction row

by Andrew Roach on August 15, 2013

Verizon’s decision to investigate their options north of the border has caused an uproar in Canada since their entry was first reported back in June.

Several large industry groups have opposed the move worried about the threat to a strong Canadian presence within the
market and now the trade unions are joining the growing group against Verizon entering the next spectrum auction in

The Telecommunication Workers Union (TWU) have come out stating that having foreign giants such as Verizon enter into the Canadian market will have no effect on reducing prices for consumers looking to go onto a plan.

The TWU , who represents workers from both Telus and Shaw, joins several other groups such as the Canadian Chamber of Commerce and the Communications, Energy and Paperworkers Union of Canada in all opposing the US carrier’s presence.

But the TWU continued saying that rural customers in particular were being duped into believing that Verizon were going to help them have a better offer than what is currently available.

Instead, the union went on to add that Verizon would be a carrier who would most likely be after big name clients and would opt to operate only within the major cities.

These claims come as the big three networks, including Telus, continue to voice their concerns that they are being deliberately targeted by the government and are going to be at a disadvantage in the upcoming 700MHz spectrum auction.

Their feud between Verizon and the federal Government has grown more and more bitter as the saga has continued to roll on with their now being a substantial divide between the firms and the government.

The latest twist has seen even more sharp comments exchanged between carriers and the government with Industry Minister James Moore questioning the claims being thrown up by the networks in their opposition of Verizon’s entry.

Moore is determine to carry on with the federal plans to try and establish a fourth national carrier in the telecom industry in a bid to try and increase competition and lower prices for consumers.

With both sides having their own agendas and receiving support from sister associations such as the trade unions, it’s likely that the feud between the telcos and government over Verizon’s role is certainly going to rumble on for the foreseeable future.

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