Facebook Wants 5 Billion People Connected to Its Network

by Istvan Fekete on August 22, 2013

Facebook has big plans: it currently reaches 1.15 billion people on a monthly basis, but this isn’t enough. It wants Internet for everyone.

The social network giant’s CEO Mark Zuckerberg has announced its initiative: in an attempt to achieve the proposed goal, it has partnered up with Samsung, Qualcomm, Ericsson, Nokia, Opera, and MediaTek to launch internet.org.

So how they are planning to bring the Internet to the four billion people still unconnected? According to Facebook’s announcement, they are planning to drastically cut the cost of delivering basic Internet services on mobile phones, particularly in developing countries, where Facebook and other tech companies need to find new users.

The partners aim to reach their goal in part by simplifying phone applications so they run more efficiently, and enhancing components of phones and networks so they won’t eat into the handset’s battery life.

And there are some good examples of how to succeed: in some countries, for instance, carriers offer free Internet connection via mobile phone for Facebook connections. And the result: people are logging into Facebook and posting images, comments, etc. as they benefit from the free Internet connection.

But don’t expect this move to be a charity. Of course, this is part of Facebook’s move to position itself as the industry leader. And even Zuckerberg has admitted that it is simply business: “The Internet is such an important thing for driving humanity forward, but it’s not going to build itself. Ultimately, this has to make business sense on some time frame that people can get behind.”

How does Facebook stand in developed countries? In Canada, for example, the number of Facebook users has surpassed 19 million. Of them, more than 14 million people are on Facebook every single day, with 9.4 million accessing their account on their mobile device.

And the engagement is growing at an accelerated pace: people are online numerous times in a single day, and they are sharing, connecting, and engaging with the content that matters to them.

How much time do you spend on Facebook on your mobile device?

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