Rogers agrees with foreign investments but wants change to approach

by Andrew Roach on August 26, 2013

With all the hostile reaction to Verizon’s possible entry into the Canadian telecom market, it would be safe to assume that many carriers and industry professionals would be opposed to any entry from a foreign body.

However, Rogers have caught many by surprise stating that they are actually in favour of foreign companies coming in and investing in the Canadian telecom market.

They revealed to the world that while they welcome competition, the government need to change their approach about how they invite new firms into the market.

It marks a slight change of attitude from the telecom companies who had previously been thought to oppose any interest
from foreign bodies wanting to enter the telecom market.

In the recent comments, it seemed that Rogers weren’t completely against the government’s idea of having overseas carriers enter into the Canadian market in the near future.

But Roger’s weren’t willing to give up the fight without accepting change as they called on the federal government to change the way they approached the matter. This was reflected in comments made by Rogers CEO Nadir Mohammed who told the press: “If the end objective for government is to say ‘let’s open up the market,’ then we’d rather have it open than flawed in terms of the structure that is currently in place.”

At the minute, the government have been quite involved with US carrier Verizon about them possibly entering the Canadian market in the near future having held several meetings with the firm over the past few months.

Verizon had been investigating a possible takeover of Wind Mobile but the carrier has delayed decisions on their bid as they decide which option would allow them to be best placed for the spectrum auction in January.

The auction itself is something that the carriers may want being moved as the carriers feel that the government needs to get their policies right to ensure that the auction is fair for every participant with Mohamed stating: “We’re open for competition, just on terms that are the same as ours.”

With Rogers changing their stance somewhat, it seems that the government are getting one step closer to potentially getting a fourth national carrier but the carriers still want to make sure that their voices are heard before anything is finalised.

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