Is Blackberry planning to make Messenger into a separate entity?

by Andrew Roach on August 28, 2013

With the company struggling to make any new headway since the start of the year, senior figures at Blackberry have been trying to figure out ways to make the company profitable again.

Although it has been suggested that the company are ready to turn to investment from the private sector, new reports have emerged that the smartphone manufacturer are instead planning to launch a separate company for its Messenger service.

The new firm would be called BBM Inc. and would see the messaging service become a separate subsidiary of the group in the future.

Blackberry Messenger has always been one of the more prominent features on Blackberry devices and currently has over 60 million users worldwide. If the new Messenger arm was to be created, much of the focus would be to opening up the service to the general market rather than just Blackberry users.

Despite being a well used messaging service, BBM has fallen behind rival services such as WhatsApp and Kik which are cross-platform services that also run on Android and iOS devices.

After seeing their success, BBM is scheduled to become available on both these platforms in the next few weeks although there has been no set release date from Blackberry.

Alongside that, it’s also being mooted that the new company would also look to enter the PC market to take on the likes of Microsoft/Skype who are currently unchallenged on the desktop front.

Having messenger as a stand-alone firm could allow blackberry to also pursue several more opportunities to cash-in on the service particularly on the advertising front.

This is set to come through the launch of the BBM Channels service which will allow firms to advertise specific services or products to a much more specific market.

It would ideally give firms much more space to market any products directly to Blackberry’s global audience and help the platform try and bring in some much needed cash to help its parent firm try and stay afloat.

Despite the reports and chatter about the project, Blackberry has remained tight-lipped about the future of the firm and its Messenger service as the rumours continue to circulate.

But the company will need to act fast if they want to make it back into the big time and giving one of their more successful flagship products such as Blackberry Messenger an added push might be a risk that could bring in some rewards further down the track.

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