Huawei kill off acquisition rumours closing yet another door on Blackberry

by Andrew Roach on September 5, 2013

It’s been a topsy-turvy year for smartphone manufacturers with some brands starting to breakthrough into the mainstream while others have struggled to maintain their momentum.

Chinese firm Huawei have been very much on the ascendancy over the past year as the smartphone manufacturer has quickly climbed into the top 5 manufacturer rankings worldwide.

Their success has seen them been linked with buying many several struggling giants such as Blackberry or HTC who have suffered from poor sales and mass competition.

But the Chinese manufacturer has scotched any takeover rumours as speculation increased following the recent deal that saw Microsoft take over Nokia’s mobile phone business.

Instead of trying to swallow up any of their struggling rivals, Huawei have maintained that they want to continue their success on their own terms and with their own technology.

This comes despite both HTC and Blackberry having assets which would help the company expand on the global front and potentially become a challenger to other top smartphone producers such as Samsung or LG.

Their self resilience was confirmed by Huawei senior vice president Chen Liefang who settled the matter once and for all on Wednesday. This was confirmed in a conference in London where she told the press: “We haven’t considered (an acquisition). We want to rely on ourselves.”

It spells bad news for the likes of Blackberry who have revealed that they would be open to companies buying the firm to try and help boost their worsening financial situation.

Despite launching a new operating system and 3 new smartphones, Blackberry have struggled to impose themselves against many of their competitors on the global market and posted losses during both Q1 and Q2 of this year.

As the year continues to progresses, there have been little signs of improvement at the Waterloo firm with job cuts happening across several departments of the company.

Seeing a fellow mobile giant like Nokia being taken over would’ve raised hope at the company who might think that there are firms who value the reputation and technology that former top companies like Blackberry and Nokia will have at their disposal.

But with growing giants such as Huawei keeping themselves to themselves, it’s hard to see where Blackberry’s saviour might come from if it was to come from a source other than themselves.

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