Torstar Digital folds following company re-shuffle

by Andrew Roach on September 11, 2013

Over the past few years, Torstar has managed to establish themselves as one of the strongest independent communication firms in the country.

However, the company has announced the closure of the Torstar Digital arm of the company following an internal review of how the company is structured.

It means that all of the publications and websites that are managed by the subsidiary will be looked after other arms of the firm from now on.

Over the past few years, Torstar Digital has been ran several major websites such as Workopolis and WagJag which have gone on to gain recognition nationwide.

The aim of the closure is to help senior figures at Torstar to keep the company running in an effective manner and avoid the firm from suffering any issues.

Although no websites or publications will be lost due to the closure, it has meant that 10 senior staff within Torstar Digital will lose their positions in the coming days.

Instead of closing any of their assets, Torstar has decided to roll many of their sites and subsidiaries into other divisions within the company.

Many of the major websites that the company look after such as the discount deals site WagJag are going to be looked after by the Metroland Media Group which is currently the largest subsidiary in the Torstar network.

Alongside that, the Star Media Group – the firm behind the Toronto Star – will look after many of the agencies and
publications that Torstar Digital looked after such as advertising agency Olive Media.

Torstar’s spokesman Bob Hepburn revealed that the strategy will help improve Torstar’s fortunes in the long run and help them manage all their subsidiaries in a more efficient manner. This was underlined in a statement to the press where he said: “It’s an internal reorganization so we can simplify the management structure for Torstar and improve alignments.”

Although the restructure won’t affect Torstar’s fortunes too much, the company will be hoping that the closure of Torstar Digital will help the firm maintain its status as one of the top independent communications firm in the country.

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