Blackberry’s secure network could become a value asset to potential buyers

by Andrew Roach on September 16, 2013

With Blackberry struggling to find a buyer to help save the smartphone manufacturer, the company are looking to promote whatever features they can to make them seem more attractive.

While the company’s smartphones have failed to sell as well as many of their rivals and Blackberry Messenger having been overtaken by cross party software, it turns out their network themselves could be the asset that attracts investors to the company.

Unlike other networks, the Blackberry network can’t be accessed or hacked in by surveillance agencies such as the NSA who have been able to access networks run via Apple or Android.

It has been an aspect that has attracted notable attention in the past including from the Indian government who have hired external contractors to try and break into the network.

Analysts have been predicting that this particular aspect of Blackberry’s asset is what might give Blackberry one last crack at finding a buyer considering that many of their rivals do not have this luxury.

Following much of the fallout that has emerged from the NSA PRISM scandal, it has affected many networks hurting the trust and confidence of many networks and carriers in the last few months.

Having not by affected by this, Blackberry find themselves in the unique position where they have a leg on the competition which has been recorded by analysts as a big advantage for the Waterloo firm. This was highlighted by comments made by Jefferies analyst Peter Misek to CBC describing Blackberry’s network security: “That security is so good, it takes four million years on brute compute force to hack it.”

Many people are expecting Blackberry to be split into three parts should it be sold with its Messenger service acting as a single entity, the services as another and the actual smartphones as another.

It’s the services industry that is expected to be most sought after which includes the network and their other infrastructural tools and this could attract interest from several top computer companies such as Lenovo and Microsoft.

The saga involving the potential buyout of Blackberry is changing every day with new twists and turns emerging every hour but it could be aspects such as the unhackable network that could be the one main aspect that clinches a deal for the ailing Blackberry.

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