Microsoft Set to Unveil Surface 2.0

by Matt Klassen on September 18, 2013

Its almost a universal rule with tech products that consumers should wait until the second generation of the device or platform before purchasing, as its allows companies time to see what went well, what went wrong, and how they can improve the consumer experience the next time around…and its clear Microsoft is hoping such an ironclad truth continue to hold with its second crack at the Surface, the Surface 2.0, which is expected to be unveiled at a release event early next week.

While Microsoft remains tight-lipped about what will actually appear on stage at Monday’s event to be held in New York City, one has to think that they wouldn’t put on a glitzy press event, sending out invitations to a select group, unless there was going to be a significant hardware upgradethey’re not Apple after all.

Further, while Microsoft has struggled to make its Surface series a success, I am firmly of the mind that the Surface 2.0 will shore up many of its predecessors weaknesses, making it an appealing (and hopefully affordable) tablet/laptop hybrid that finally allows Microsoft to surge ahead with its bold mobile plans.

Along with effectively every mobile project Microsoft has on the go, the company’s Surface line has had a tough row to hoe, resulting in significant financial losses and leaving Microsoft with millions of unsold units due to lower than expected consumer interest. But the good news in all this, Microsoft didn’t give up.

Continuing its efforts to evolve into both a hardware and a software vendor, it looks like Microsoft is posed to release the Surface 2.0, a device, one would expect, that offers similar features and price to what we’re currently seeing from the rest of the Windows 8 ecosystem. In fact, I doubt it took Microsoft long to realize it had priced the Surface Pro right out of the market.

Further, there was significant consumer confusion over the two initial Surface products, with many not really understanding the difference between the Surface RT and its beefier laptop-like Surface Pro sibling. There’s no question Microsoft thought the RT would be a smash hit, but where left holding the bag when, discovering its lack of cross platform compatibility, consumers shied away.

On a slightly different note, there’s also rumours that Microsoft will offer a trade-in program of sorts for those wanting to upgrade from the original Surface to the new Surface 2.0, for as part of the company’s existing Recycle for Rewards program consumers receive a gift card for the value of their current product, leaving consumers to simply pay the difference (although I would guess that will still be a fair chunk of change).

In the end, if Microsoft does offer a competitively priced feature rich Surface 2.0 it could do wonders for the company’s bottom line, rekindling consumer interest in the traditional PC market by providing them the tablets they want with a form factor and operating system they’re comfortable with. While I’ll admit I don’t often get excited about product releases, I’m already saving my pennies for this one.

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